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This will bring you many interesting and interesting things when participating in the tourism industry program in Korea. Beautiful scenes of Korea are also advertised to world friends through music videos, dramas, and reality shows. On the other hand, the Government of the Republic of Korea has easy policies for tourists so the number of international visitors to Korea increases year by year. Korean education aims to train "apprenticeship type" that means students study and participate in the projects of professors (students learn knowledge, and professors have experiments for the project. ). Call us at 0167.246.5555 to become one of the first students to get into the top 1% schools - this September and December 2018 flight period! Vinahure always accompanies and supports international students anytime, anywhere, resolving issues that arise during the process of studying and working in Korea as quickly and satisfactorily as possible. The plane landed at Vinahure's representative in Korea, waiting for students at the airport and returning to the dormitory, settling accommodation, accommodation and completing all the remaining procedures for students. Studying in Korea is currently the dream of many Vietnamese students, but whether it is still easy to get to Korea or not, many students are still hesitant when they are in their twenties and have good and talented results. The principal is also guaranteed but not sure whether to pass the student visa before the current predicament? This friend was a former student of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and is currently studying in Seoul, South Korea. ✓ VFC will follow up with international students throughout the learning process, together with Korean universities to solve the difficulties encountered. ✓ Come to VFC, all your documents will be handled smoothly, quickly and conveniently for studying in Korea 2019. ✓ If your academic results are higher than 6.5, please contact us via hotline: 0981.867.266 to be able to apply for scholarships that minimize costs of $ 1,000 or more and we are 100% committed There is a student visa on time. Statistics show that, on average, an international student is allowed to work an additional 28 hours / week during the course of the course and 8 hours / day on holidays. Korea is a country with a long-standing culture, with many historical and cultural sites still maintained to the present time.